xDuoo XQ-50 Bluetooth Receiver


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Bluetooth 5.0

Stable and Faster Transmission

Bluetooth 5.0, aptx

Adopts the QCC3008 Bluetooth chip made by Qualcomm company, support Bluetooth 5.0 which can ensure the faster and stable transmission.

Supports PC USB DAC

Can support PC USB DAC, and can be used immediately after it is plugged.

CS8406 Digital Conversion Chip

Adopt high performance CS8406 digital conversion chip, transform the Bluetooth signal into high quality optical fiber/coaxial signal out.


Adopt the high performance ES9018K2M DAC chip, which can ensure high S/N and very low distortion.

Rejuvenate your DAC/amplifier system

Does your DAC/amplifier system have no Bluetooth connectivity? No problem. Simply connect your Bluetooth source to the XQ-50 to your DAC/amplifier system with coaxial/aux audio cable. Your wired DAC/amplifier system is now fully capable of playing wireless Bluetooth music.

Aluminum-shielded Case, External High-gain Bluetooth Antenna

Use aluminum-Shielded case, external high-gain Bluetooth antenna is used to ensure the lossless and stable signal transmission.xduoo xq-50

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Prime Audio 

Since Bluetooth has become such a large part of many modern audiophile’s toolkits, devices like the xDuoo XQ50 can be an easy and affordable workaround to get your system back in the game. It’s very simple to set up and use, it’s nicely built and it’s extremely affordable. So if you’re looking for a way to cut the wires and modernize your system without spending a heap of cash the XQ50 is a very viable solution.

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Xtenik Audio 

Setup is very straight forward with nothing to scare off the less technical among us, and once setup connections are solid and sound quality is very respectable.  Those who like to tinker have the option of exchanging op-amps as the XQ50 uses a dual op-amp in a dip-8 socket for easy exchange.

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