xDuoo XD05 Plus Headphone Amplifier


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1.The input port of xd05 plus is Type C, one pc type c to type c cable is already included in the package in default.

2. If you would like to use it with lighting port, you can

A) Use the apple camera kit connection kit.

B) please buy the lighting to type c cable.

You also can buy it on our store.  Find it in the accessory. Here it is the link,  https://xduoo.net/product/lighting-cable-link-2/

There is no built-in Bluetooth for XD05 plus, however, you can use it with its Bluetooth module 05BL pro, which is also available on our store. Here it is the link,

xDuoo 05BL Pro


Difference between xd-05 plus and xd-05

xDuoo XD-05xDuoo XD-05 Plus
Size of Screen0.91 Inch OLED0.91 Inch OLED
Volume ControlYesYes
Output ( Single end)6.5mm6.5mm
Output Port ( Balanced)NoNo
Input Port ( USB )USB AType C
Input Port (Coaxial)3.5mm3.5mm
Input Port (Optical)3.5mm3.5mm
Charging PortMicro USBType C
Gain SwitchYesYes
Input ChoiceSwitchButton
Filter settingButtonButton
USB Receiver ChipXMOS U8XMOS XU208
Coaxial/Optical Receiver ChipCS8422CS8422
Coaxial/Optical Support DSD or notNot support Support DSD 64( DOP)
FPGANo Altera-EPM240T
DAC ChipAK4490AK4493
Singal Amp ChipOPA1612OPA1612 ( Support to replace two chips)
Circuit Amp ChipBUF643UBUF643U
Output power500mW(32 Ω) 1000mW ( 32Ω)
Amp: 10Hz~100kHZ(±0.5dB)
Amp: 10Hz~100kHZ(±0.5dB)
Sample RatingPCM: 32bit/384KHZ
DSD 256
PCM: 32bit/384KHZ
DSD 256
Battery Capacity3.7V 4000 mAh 3.8V 5000mAh
Battery Life>11H( USB in)
>16H ( SPDIF in)
> 23H ( AUX in )
>13H( USB in)
>19H ( SPDIF in)
> 40H ( AUX in )
Charging Time5H ( Fast charging)
11H ( Slow charging)
4.5H ( Fast charging)
11H ( Slow charging)


  • Compliant operating systems: Windows XP/7/8/10, Mas OS X, IOS, Android
  • DAC chip: AK4493EQ
  • USB chipset: XMOS XU208
  • Output power: 1000mW at 32 ohms
  • Frequency response (amp): 10Hz~100kHz (±0.5 dB)
  • Frequency response (USB/SPDIF): 20Hz~20kHz (±0.5 dB)
  • THD+ N (USB/SPDIF in): 0.0016% at 1kHz
  • THD + N (aux in): 0.0009% at 1kHz
  • S/N: 117dB
  • Crosstalk: ≥75dB
  • Battery: 3.8V / 5000mAh
  • Battery life: ≥13 hours (USB in), ≥21 hours (SPDIF in), ≥40 hours (aux in)

Sampling Rate Support

  • USB (PCM): 16–32bit / 44.1–384kHz
  • DSP: DOP / NATIVE mode, DSD64–256 (1bit / 2.8M–11.2M)
  • DXD: 24–32bit / 352.8K–384kHz
  • OPT/COA (PCM): 16–24bit / 44.1–192kHz
  • DSD: 1bit / 2.82 Mhz (DOP)

Package Included 

  • 1*USB charging cable
  • 1*Type C to type c cable
  • 1*Type C to Micro cable
  • 1*3.5mm to 6.5mm connector
  • 4*rubber feet
  • Silicone band
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

xduoo xd-05 plus


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