xDuoo X10 Audio Player


  • Xduoo X10 is a high resolution audio player for audiophile,music lover
  • It adopts the new audio architecture JZ4760B+AK4490, which give you a better sound quality
  • Support formats: DSD 64 (up to 2.8224MHZ) APE, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, WMA, ALAC (up to 192KHZ/ 24 Bit), OGG, ACC (Iphone, Ipod format), MP3
  • Storage Capacity : 256G, 2*128 G TF/ SD card
  • Support 6 langugage : English / Russia / Korea / Germany / Japanese / Chinese

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Xduoo X10 Xduoo x10 XDUOO X10 Xduoo x10 Xduoo x10 xduoo x10

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The X10 works very well as a source for any portable amplifier and the separated Lineout input is very comfortable. Despite its own signature and slight coloration as a DAP, when attaching an amplifier it turns to be a very transparent device not mixing with the extra amp used.

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