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    Download xDuoo XD-05 Plus product manual in PDF 


    XD05 PLUS is an upgraded version of the previous generation XD-05 , which  contains high performance USB, optical, coaxial audio decoding and headphone amp in  a tiny body, also compatible with 05BL.

    The output power has been increased to 1000mW (at 32Ω load)! It can be connected to Windows, IOS and Android system with USB, supporting up to 32Bit/384KHz PCM signal, DSD256 signal, 32Bit/384KHz DXD signal, and also can be connected to all kinds of DAP output with coaxial or optical, supporting up to 24Bit/192KHz PCM signal, DSD64(DOP).

    External with Gain settings, Thrust boost  settings, Bass boost settings, DAC filter settings and SRC set function.

    This product is suitable for connecting with different audio source, such as PC, mobile phone, and other types of playback equipment. It can improve the sound quality of the original playback equipment effectively, and it also can drive a variety of high-end headphones, so that  you can enjoy more real, more shocking music!


    1. With an OLED display, real time display digital information flow.

    2. Support PC USB audio decoding functions, work in asynchronous transfer mode,  support up to 32Bit/384KHz PCM signal; support up to 1bit/11.28MHz DSD signal, work in  DOP or NATIVE mode.

    3. Support coaxial/optical audio decoding, support up to 24bit / 192Khz PCM and DSD64  signal.

    4. Using USB OTG cable connection, support IOS, Android system’s phones and music  players’ USB audio decoding, support up to 24Bit/192KHz PCM signal, DSD128 signal.

    5. DAC chip uses AKM’s new AK4493 chip to support native DSD, DXD and PCM signals.

    6. Adopts two active Low Phase Noise Crystal Oscillators, work with CPLD, reduced Jitter to undetectable level.

    7. Conversion circuit, optimize power supply design through LDO circuit.

    8. Follow the design of the op amp chip that can be replaced by yourself. Different chips  bring different sound quality to meet different personal preferences.

    9. Increased thrust adjustment function, adapt to different impedance headphones.

    10. One Bass boost ON/OFF Switch.

    11. One 2-Setting Gain Switch to set GAIN according to the headphones


    Power Source: built-in 3.8V/5000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery

    Screen: 0.91 inch OLED screen

    Compliant OS: Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS X, IOS, Android system

    Output power: 1000mW (32Ω load)

    AMP:10 Hz~100kHz(±0.5dB)

    Frequency Response: AMP:10Hz~100KHz (±0.5dB)

    USB/SPDIF: 20Hz~20KHz (±0.5dB)

    Sampling Rate Support:

    USB PCM: 16-32Bit/44.1K-384KHz
    DSD: DOP/NATIVE mode, DSD64-256 (1Bit/2.8M-11.2M)
    DXD: 24-32Bit/352.8K-384KHz
    OPT/COA PCM:16-24BIT/44.1K-192KHz,
    DSD: 1bit/2.82Mhz(DOP)

    Gain: +6/9/16dB

    Bass boost: 0/+6dB


    USB IN : 0.0016%@1kHz
    COAXIAL IN:0.0016%@1kHz
    OPTICAL IN:0.0016%@1kHz
    AUX IN: 0.0009%@1kHz



    Battery life::≥13H (USB IN), ≥21H (SPDIF IN), ≥40H (AUX IN)

    Charging time: Quick charge 5H (with charger), slow charge 11H (with computer)

    Size: 139X75X23mm

    Weight: 276g


    Parts and Control 

    1. 6.5mm headphone jack  Applies to 16-600Ω headphones.
    2. Boost switch, increased thrust, adapt to different impedance headphones.
    3. Bass boost switch Boost up + 6 dB.
    4. Gain switch
    Gain Switch, boost up + 3/+11 dB, for drives high impedance headphone.
    5. Power/Volume knob
    Turn right to turn on the power, brighten the display, continue to increase the volume;
    turn left to reduce the volume.
    6. Screen
    7. Line out/in jack
    When it’s as a USB/SPDIF decode, the port as a function of line out. Otherwise, as the
    line in function.

    8. USB audio input port
    Compatible IOS/ Android /Win/Linux system computer.
    9. Link LED
    When USB connected, LINK Light turns on.
    10. Charging indicator
    Red light is blinking when charging, turns off when full charged.
    11. Charging jack
    Connect PC or charger to charge.
    12. Optical/Coaxial input jack
    Support up to 24 bit /192KHz and DSD64 digital signal.
    13. Filter Settings
    short press to select, the filter information as follow:
    PCM1:Sharp roll-off filter,PCM2:Slow roll-off filter,
    PCM3:Short delay Sharp roll-off filter,PCM4:Short delaySlow roll-off filter

    14. SRC Settings
    Only for coaxial/optical input, can be set to 48/96/192KHZ.
    15. INPUT Select: press to choose USB/Coaxial/Optical/AUX input.

    Screen Information

    Listening to Music

    1. Connect headphone to the unit.

    *Note: The XD05 PLUS only supports dual channel Headset, does not support the mono Headset or Headset with remote control function or microphone function.

    2. Connect audio device with the unit.
    For details, see “Connecting to the Audio Device”.
    3. Turn the power/ volume knob to right to turn on the unit.
    For the first time the unit connect with the computer would be taking some time.
    4. Play music with the connected audio device.
    5. Adjust the volume to your comfort zone, and start enjoying music.
    6. Set the GAIN according to your headset, you can also set up BOOST and BASS and  DAC filter according to your preferences.
    7. Bind your audio device with the unit with silicon tape to facilitate carrying

    Connecting to the Audio Device

    1. Use the supplied USB line, and connect to Apple/Windows/Linux computer. Remember to press INPUT key to USB IN position.

    2. Use Lightning to typec cable, to connect with IOS device like iPhone,iPod Touch. Remember to press INPUT key to USB IN position.

    (* Note: For the first time connecting with iphone, you should put the volume of iphone to the maximum.)

    3. Use typec to typec cable, connect to Android mobile phone / player with the  OTG function. Remember to press INPUT key to USB IN position.

    4. Use the Coaxial cable, connect with a Coaxial audio output device. Remember to press INPUT key to Coaxial in position.

    5. Use the optical cable, connect with the Fiber audio output device. Remember to press  INPUT key to Optical in position.

    6. Use 3.5mm audio cable, connect with the Line out audio output device. Remember to press INPUT key to AUX IN position.

    Install USB Driver

    1. When this unit is connected to the computer, the driver is required to be installed.(No need if your system is MAC.)

    2. You can downloaded the Driver from here


    3. When using the device to play a high resolution audio files on the computer, we recommend using Jriver or Foobar2000 player.

    Charging XD05 Plus

    1. Charger specifications: output voltage 5V, output current ≥1A.

    2. When charging, the red light is on, will turn off when full charged.

    3. About 5 Hours for a full charging.

    4. If use PC USB power to charge, it will take 11 hours.

    5. Can be charged when the device in working, but it will take more time. Suggest you charge it after turning it off.

    6. If you planning not to use the XD-05 plus for long time, charge it every half year to avoid excessive battery discharge.

    Package List

    XD05 Plus 1pc

    Type-C USB Cable 1pc

    Type-C to Type-C USB OTG cable  1pc

    Type-C to Micro USB OTG cable 1pc

    6.5 to 3.5 Converter  1pc

    Rubber Feet  10pcs

    Magic Stick  1pc

    User Manual 1pc

    Warranty Card 1pc

    (Note: There is NO Lighting to Type C cable included in the package, but you can buy it from our store separately. Here it is the purchasing link, https://www.xduoo.net/product/type-c-to-lighting-cable/)


    If you run into any problems using this unit, use the following checklist and read the product support information on user’s manual. Should any problem persist, consult your nearest xDuoo dealer or consult us.

    The unit does not turn on.
    →Charge the battery of the unit.
    →When battery life reduces to half, the battery is approaching the end of its service life.
    Consult your nearest xDuoo dealer for replacement.

    The battery cannot be charged
    →Check that the charge switch of unit is turned on.
    →Check that the unit and your computer are firmly connected using the USB cable.
    →Check that the computer is turned on and not in standby or sleep mode.
    →A USB AC adaptor that is not recommended to use.
    →The battery is fully charged.


    No sound
    →Adjust the volume of connected device or the unit.
    →Check that the unit and the audio device are connected correctly.
    →Check that the connected device is turn on.
    →When connected to a computer, there is no sound or sound is not played back properly, check the device setting of you computer are correct.

    Failed to install USB driver for windows
    →Check that the unit is connected to computer.

    Failed to connect to computer
    →Check that the USB driver is successfully installed.


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