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    Download xDuoo X3II manual in PDF format


    X3II is an overall upgrade version based on X3, which has a good reputation in the past generation. It adopts IPS high-definition full-angle display screen withclear picture quality, and matches 7H hardness toughened glass to effectively prevent shaving.

    It supports most of the popular lossless audio formats and up to DSD128 high-definition sampling rate songs at 384kHz/32bit.

    This product has increased Bi-directional 4.0 Bluetooth transmissions, can connect with Bluetooth headset, also connect with mobile phone Bluetooth for decoding to improve the sound quality of mobile phone.

    At the same time, the HIBY LINK function is also added, which can also be used to control the device through the mobile phone.

    The USB port also has the Bi-directional function, that is, it can output the USB audio & video, and can also connect the computer USB port as the USB DAC function, which greatly increases the play ability.

    Product Features

    1. HD 2.4-inch IPS screen, 7H hardness glass, effective anti-scratch while
    maintaining the sharpness of screen.

    2. DAC using AK4490.

    3. File format:

    1) Support .ISO & .DFF & .DSF format, maximum support DSD128;
    2) Support DXD format, up to 384kHz/32bit;
    3) Support lossless format FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, AIFF, support up to  384kHz/32bit;
    4) Support lossy format MP3, WMA, AAC and other formats;
    5) Support CUE, M3U, M3U8 files;

    4. 10-level custom EQ adjustments.

    5. Support SD card up to 256GB.

    6. Bi-directional Bluetooth 4.0 transmission, support for aptX Bluetooth protocol.

    7. Support Hiby Link function.

    8. Support car play mode.

    9. Bidirectional USB Type-C interface, support USB Audio out and USB DAC.

    10. Optimized power circuit design.

    11. CNC aluminum alloy shell

    Buttons and Interfaces

    1.Play / Pause / Confirm Button

    Short press Play / Pause in playback interface, short press to confirm in setting
    interface, adjust setting value or save for use.

    2. Back Key

    Enter the menu, press the Back key to return to the previous menu; in the music player interface or other user interface, long press the back button for 2 seconds to return to the main menu interface.

    3. Option Button

    Short press to pop up / close the current interface’s shortcut menu, but short  press in the main interface is to enter the Playback Settings.

    4. Previous / Up (Switch Button)

    In the playback interface, short press cut to previous song, long press fast  forward; non-playing interface for flipping up to select menu items.

    5. Next / Down (witch Button)

    In the playback interface, short press cut to next song, long press fast forward;  non-playing interface for flipping down to select menu items.

    6. LINE OUT

    It is a LINE OUT output that provides a high-quality sound source, when  connected, the volume can be set to Adjustable or Auto Max.

    7. USB Port

    A: Connect with the computer, you can copy, delete and manage the song files;
    B: Support connect U disk,play songs;
    C: Set the USB mode to DAC mode, X3II can be used as the USB DAC, such  as connecting the             computer USB port, decoding the USB audio signal, maximum support PCM192KHz/24Bit (driver      required);
    D: USB audio output, X3II can output USB audio, through the TYPE-C OTG  cable to the decoder,       maximum output DSD256 (DOP), PCM384kHz/32bit.

    8. PHONE Jack

    Can connect with 16-300 ohm impedance headphones, unplug the headset will  automatically stop playing.

    9. SD Card Slot

    Micro SD card slot, maximum support 256GB SD card.

    10. Volume –

    Short press once to reduce one level of volume, a long press to reduce the  volume until the minimum.

    11. Volume +

    Short press once to increase one level of volume, long press to increase the  volume until the maximum.

    12. Power Button

    Long press On / Off, short press On / Off display.


    1. Connect this unit to a running computer or a compatible adapter using the
    USB cable that came with this unit, charge the unit. The player will boot and
    display Charging symbol.

    ★ Note:

    1. The player can be charged both power on/off, when you charge it while it’s on, if the player not playing music, the system will shut down according to the  Power-saving Time Setting, and into the charging page.

    2. When using the computer to charge, please keep the computer running, if the  computer goes to sleep state, it will not charge the player. Normal state of full  charge time is 5 hours.

    3. When using the adapter (charger) to charge, it is required that the adapter’s  voltage is 5V output, the current should be bigger or equal to 1A, full charge time  is less than 3 hours.

    4. To prevent battery degradation, please charge at least once every six months.

    5. Battery life is more than 13 hours.  adapter’s voltage is 5V output, the current should be bigger or equal to 1A, full  charge time is less than 3 hours.


    1. Main Menu

    Boot into the main menu , use switch button to select from Browse, Music  Setting, Music category, System Setting, BT Setting, Playing 6 menu selections,  press the shortcut keys can directly jump into the Music Setting.

    1.Music Browser

    In the main menu, select the Music Browser, press the OK button to enter the  Storage page (as below), there are SD card and OTG two options (Update  Media Library can be used to read files in the SD card or OTG device), enter SD  card or OTG device options to choose songs to play

    1) After entering the SD card or OTG, select a folder and press the OPTION key  to delete the folder.

    2) After entering a folder, under the Song List page, press the OPTION key will pop up the shortcut menu(as below), you can add the current song to the Playlist, add to the “My Favorites” list, or Delete.

    2.My Music

    In the main menu, select the My Music icon, press the OK button to enter the music category sub-menu, All Songs, Album, Artist, Genres, Favorite, Playlist, Recently Played. Press the Up / Down button to change between various categories, press the OK button to display the classified audio files, select the file to play.

    3.Music Playing

    Select the Music playing icon in the main menu, enter the music category  submenu, and use the switch key to select the category song, press the OK button to enter the playing interface (if already songs are playing, you can directly enter the song broadcast Put page).

    4.Music Settings

    In the main menu, select the Music Setting icon, enter the Music Setting  submenu, use the Switch key to select the menu settings, press the OK button to adjust settings.

    1) Update Media

    There are “Automatic” and “Manual” two options, you can set the player to  scan automatically when SD card is inserted.

    2) Gain Setting

    There are two options of “G = L and” G = H “for low gain 0dB and high gain 6dB.  When using high-impedance headphones, you can choose high gain to get more enjoyable sound quality.

    3) Digital Filter

    There are two kinds of digital filter: Sharp Decay and Slow Decay.

    4) DSD Output Mode

    This menu sets the USB AUDIO output mode, can be set to D2P or DoP. When  set to D2P mode, DSD audio will be converted to PCM signal. When set to DoP mode, the DSD audio will output the native signal.

    *Note:USB AUDIO OUT support up to DSD256 original code, PCM 384KHz/32Bit output.

    5) Equalizer (EQ)

    Press OK to enter the EQ menu for EQ adjustment:

    Press the Switch key to EQ mode selection,  EQ modes include: Rock, Classic, Jazz, Pop, Dance,
    Vocals, Blues, Metal, etc.; Each frequency can be precisely adjusted under Custom mode:

    ① Press the OK button to enter the Custom mode;
    ② Press the switch button to select the frequency band to be adjusted;
    ③ Press the OK button, confirm the selected frequency band, use Switch key to  adjust, after one frequency band adjustment is completed, press the OK key to  confirm this frequency band adjustment is completed;
    ④ Repeat the second, third step to adjust other frequency

    6) Play Mode

    Play mode: Sequence, Repeat all, Random play, Repeat 1.

    7) Line out Adjustment

    When connecting Line out output, the volume of the player can be adjusted after  the switch is turned on. When this switch is off, system default to the maximum volume and cannot be adjusted.

    8) Point break Playback

    There are three modes for Point break Playback: Off, Track, and Location; when selected the Track mode, after restart, the player will be playing the same song  from the beginning,00:00, and it select the Location mode, the player would  memorize the location of the track and start from there.

    9) Gapless Playback

    Gapless Playback is mainly for the player to automatically switch tracks smoothly,  more user-friendly continuous enjoy high-quality music.

    10) Maximum Volume

    Set the volume limit to play music to prevent excessive volume to hurt hearing  caused by mis-operation.

    11) Default Volume Mode

    There are Default and Memory two modes. Default mode means the player will power on with the default volume you set. Memory mode means the player will  memorize the volume value and power on with it.

    12) Default Volume

    Here you can customize the default volume value.

    13) Channel Balance

    Short press the OK button pop-up channel balance adjustment window,  maximum support ten levels of adjustment for both channel.

    14) Cover Display

    When this function is turned on, will show album cover when playing, show the  system default cover when this function is off.

    15) Lyrics Display

    When this function is turned on, the lyrics can be displayed on the playback page when playing.

    5. System Setting

    In the main interface, select the system settings icon, enter the music settings  submenu, use the Switch key to select the settings, press the OK button to enter.

    1) Language Setting

    X3II supports multiple languages, such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional  Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Polish, Russian, Thai,  Spanish, Indonesian, press Enter to enter language list, press Switch key to  select the language, press the OK key to confirm the selected language.

    2) USB Mode
    USB mode has two kinds of “DAC” and “USB” (see USB in “Keys and Port  Description”).

    3) Backlight Brightness

    Press the OK button will pop up a submenu, you can adjust the backlight  brightness, total of 6 levels adjustable.

    4) Screen Time

    Select this, press the OK button will pop up a submenu, you can adjust the screen time, OFF, 10S, 30S,1M, 5M, 10M a total of 6 files adjustable.

    5) Folder Jump
    When this function is on, the player will continue with the next folder after finishing  the folder that includes the selected song. When it’s off, the player will only play the folder that includes the selected folder.

    6) Car Mode
    Select the Car Mode, use the USB cable to connect the 5V power supply from  the vehicle, when it starts, X3II will boot and get into the car mode, when the  vehicle stopped DC 5V power supply, X3II will automatically shut down after  countdown if no operation.

    *Note: The player cannot be connected to the computer to transfer data during  Car Mode.

    7) Power Saving

    There are OFF, 5M, 10M, 30M, 1H, 2H total 6 selections, if no operations or playback, the player will shut down when it reaches the set value.

    8) Sleep Timer

    Can be set to automatically shut down after a period, set the same way as ”  Power Saving.”

    9) Lock-Key Settings

    There are “Lock All Keys”,“Lock Volume Keys”, “Lock Play key”,“Unlock”total  4 selections.

    10) Format

    The player can format the inserted SD card(formatted data cannot be restored, please be careful).

    11) Restore the Factory Settings

    The player can be reset to factory settings.

    12) Firmware Update

    Put update pack update.upt into the SD card,  and insert to the player, select System Settings
    – Firmware Update, pop-up dialog and select  “YES”. Press the OK button to start the update
    (update image as the right side), when it’s done, the player will automatically restart.

    13) Player Information

    Select and press the OK button to enter the sub-page, including: Serial, External memory capacity, Available capacity, Bluetooth address, Firmware version etc.

    6. Bluetooth Setting

    Bluetooth function on, you can enter the Bluetooth settings mode, the Bluetooth settings page includes the Bluetooth name, HiBy Link, High Quality Sound, Bluetooth Scan, Matched Devices, Available Devices, etc.

    A. Bluetooth name: including the player name and the last four numbers of  Bluetooth address;
    B. HiBy Link: Turn this function on to connect with a mobile phone which installed  HIBy Link APP, and operation this player through the APP;
    C. High Quality Sound: After turning on, Bluetooth can send lossless audio format signal, need to restart the player before it works;
    D. Bluetooth Scan: After entering the Bluetooth settings, select the Bluetooth Scan and press the OK button, will pop-up “Scanning”, if found Bluetooth device, it will appear in the Available Device bar;
    E. Bluetooth connection: 1, When connected to a new Bluetooth device (such as Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), you need to first pair with the Bluetooth device as follows:

    1) Enter the Bluetooth Setting the Bluetooth switch to ON, the default status is OFF.
    2) After turning on the Bluetooth switch, the player will automatically search for and list the available Bluetooth devices nearby in “Available Devices” bar.
    3) Click to connect to the corresponding device, the connected device will be displayed in the “Paired Device” bar.
    4) Press the BACK button to return to the main menu interface to select the music category list or music browsing to select the file to play.

    2. When it’s been using as a mobile phone, computer or other player’s Bluetooth decoding amp, paired into the Bluetooth DAC module(as below), then the player can adjust the volume, switch songs. Press the “BACK” button to exit Bluetooth connection

    Specifications and Parameters

    ◆ Resolution:> 75 dB
    ◆ Distortion + Noise: 0.0025%@1KHz (32Ω @ 1KHz)
    Line Output
    ◆ Line output level: 1.7Vrms (10KΩ @ 1KHz)
    ◆ Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (± 0.5dB)
    ◆ Signal to noise ratio: ≥108 dB
    ◆ Resolution:> 100 dB (10KΩ @ 1KHz)
    ◆ Distortion + Noise: 0.0025%@1KHz (10KΩ)
    Other Specifications
    ◆ Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    ◆ Battery life: about 13 hours ;
    ◆ Charging time: <3 hours (DC5V 2A); <5 hours (DC5V 500mA)
    ◆ Size: 102.5×51.5×14.9mm
    ◆ Weight: 112g
    Headphone Output (3.5mm)
    ◆ Output power: 220mW (32Ω / THD + N <0.0025%)
    ◆ Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20KHz (± 0.5dB)
    ◆ Signal to noise ratio: ≥108 dB

    ◆ Resolution:> 100 dB (10KΩ @ 1KHz)
    ◆ Distortion + Noise: 0.0025%@1KHz (10KΩ)

    Other Specifications

    ◆ Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    ◆ Battery life: about 13 hours ;
    ◆ Charging time: <3 hours (DC5V 2A); <5 hours (DC5V 500mA)
    ◆ Size: 102.5×51.5×14.9mm
    ◆ Weight: 112g

    Packing List

    After receiving, check the items in the package
    X3II …………………………………………………………….. 1pc
    USB cable …………………………………………………….1pc
    User manual ………………………………………………….1pc
    Warranty Card………………………………………………..1pc
    Screen Protector …………………………………………… 2pcs
    3.5mm Audio Cable ………………………………………. 1pc

    Common Problem

    1. Why is my X3II connection unrecognized by computer?

    Due to flaws or incompatibilities of individual computer systems, devices may not be recognized, if you encounter such problem and cannot be solved. Try changing another computer/devices or updating your computer system.

    2. Why X3II sometimes responses slowly?

    1) When playing high-stream songs, especially 384 kHz/32 Bit APE songs or DSDs,  Due to the need for more hardware resources for decoding operations, may result in minor choppy. Converting songs format through FOOBAR2000 to WAV or FLAC format for easier decoding and for smoothness operating experience.

    2) The huge amount of songs stored in the X3II’s SD card may also cause the  lag, please try to control the number of songs in the storage on the X3II.

    3) Using low-speed SD card to play high-stream songs or native DSD will get choppy.

    4) SD card can support NTFS / exFAT format?

    NTFS / exFAT format is supported, but this format cannot be used to upgrade the firmware



    1. Please read this manual before using the product, and keep it properly.

    2. Please do not replace the lithium battery, if the battery is damaged, please contact with professionals.

    3. Avoid playing with high volume for too long, or it may affect hearing.

    4. Using it outdoor with high volume may block the sound of the environment, please try to avoid driving or riding on the way while using the player.

    Design and specification may be changed or updated without notice.

    Save xDuoo X3 II product manual in PDF


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