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    Download xDuoo X20 Firmware V1.8


    Release Date:2019.10.16

    Upgrade firmware steps:

    1. Put “update.upt” file in to the root directory of the X20 TF Card.

    2. Enter the System Settings, select the System Update, the player will automatically update.

    3. The player will automatically restart after the update is completed, and enter the System Settings to see whether the system information about the player is the latest version.

    * Note: If did not find the update file when updating, please check if the update file in the TF Card’s root directory, or whether the file is corrupt, please copy again.

    Firmware updated contents:

    1.Fix the problem that has clicks sound when play the music first time.
    2.Fix the problem that has noise in D2P mode when playing DSD music
    3.Optimize system

    *Note:During the update, please make sure there is enough power.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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