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    … if i´m switchig to another video on youtube, an other source in foobar and so on.
    in Win 10, it will displays as playing, but no sound emitts from the cans.
    To bring them back to life, i´ve to change the input slections forwars until im in USB again.
    Next source change, next time to change the selection. USB3,0 or 2.0, doesn´t matter.
    Direct on pc or via an active hub, no change.
    Seems to be a problem in Win10, but is there an trick to solve the problem?
    I´m thankfully for any ideas…


    Hello. Something similar happens to me, but when switching bitrates:
    (I sent xDuoo this message)
    “I want to know whether it’s normal that it doesn’t play anything for about 3 seconds when switching to a song with a different bitrate (e.g.: from 44.1Khz/16bit to 96Khz/24bit or 48Khz/24bit or vice versa). Now, a workaround is to play again the song so I can listen those 3 seconds of the beginning of the song. Although it’s quite annoying since my Ifi Hip Dac doesn’t show this quirk. Also sometimes the device will halt and not respond if I switch too fast, and I have to connect again it so that it works again.”

    I use Audacious on Linux though

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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