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    I just purchase the XA-10 and have 2 question.

    1. When I move my hand on the chassis I feel some electrical tingling sensation.
    2. When I turn the volume knob fast to increase the volume it will sometime lower the volume instead than increase vice versa.

    Is it expected behaviour?

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    Question 1. It may be a static electricity problem, so it must be grounded through the power cord. Question 2: You may accidentally move back before you start to rotate clockwise, it will misjudge



    I just recently bought xa-10. My source is Lenovo windows 10 laptop streaming from tidal application.
    I notice there is playback delay when i playing MQA file from tidal app. The song is playing not from the beginning. Maybe around 1-2 second delay so that i missed the beginning of the song.

    Hifi quality song do not have this delay.

    I have installed xduoo usb driver 5.0, but this still happening.

    Please let me know what went wrong, i how do i fix this?


    I found same problem as RK10 with three players (Tidal, Roon, Audirvana) and from every MQA musics.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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