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    I have TA-05 tube amp, that I bought off Drop.com on January 3. this year. and when I turned it on today with volume sent to min, on the input I had xDuoo X10 DAP that was set to line out, and plugged headphones V-Moda M100 It turned on, after one second I heard loud pop sound and the AMP turned OFF. It wont turn on now. The light wont light up.

    Is there any known issue where this happenes? Am I aligable for warranty? Drop refused it since they only provide 30 day one.
    Thanks for any help, I tried everything :c
    Have an awesome day!

    František Černý

    xDuoo Official
    Senior Moderator

    Hi, sorry to hear about that.

    Yes, you can still enjoy our warranty service. Can you send it to us for repair?


    I would love to!

    Do you have instructions for that?


    Have an awesome day,

    František Černý

    xDuoo official

    Ok, we will email you the instruction.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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