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I have same problem.

There are some revievs of TA-30 that says it doesn’t matter which one voltage You connect and it will work for 110-240v – “The power supply is listed as 110-240V capable and is auto-sensing as no external switch exists for setting input voltage” – source:

But there are some that says very clearly that it isn’t true – ” Be warned that compared to TA-10, this one is not using an universal power supply, so it is either a 220V AC IN unit or a 110V unit, check the voltage bellow the AC inlet before you power it on” – source:

Another ways if You try to buy TA-30 on official XDuoo site, there is no option to choose AC input when You adding item to basket but on other sites ex. Banggood it’s option to choose.

In specyfication od product (in manual, on site) is only information AC input 220v/110v. And it can have different interpretations – that this is option to have 110 or 220 beside to it doesn’t matter which voltage You connect.

So, big please to xDuoo team, especially for tech/service team and moderators for answers to this – there are two versions od TA-30 – one for 110 and one for 220v? Or there is one version and will it work on both voltages and voltage labels are only for mark the market of sale (US, Europe) and recognize the cable plug which is adres to TA-30.

Thanks for help and regards.

There are two version, AC 110V and AC 220V.

AC 1110V, can work at AC 110-120V,

AC 220V, can work at AC 200-240V

There is no universal version which can work at AC 110-240V.

Thanks for your suggestion, we will offer variable voltage option on our website.