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In general, the breakdown is this: the player was playing, I was wearing synthetic clothes, suddenly there were silks in the headphones, as if from static very strong, even a crackle could be said, then a couple of times more.After a while I touched the player, it turned out to be very hot, but at the same time it played. Quickly disassembled, there is experience to cool. Turned it off. The battery and processor were very hot. After it cooled down, I tried to turn it on.It turned on, but there was no play. The player sees files, sees the duration of the track, you can flip through folders, switch to another USB flash drive, but there is no playback and playback time counting and, accordingly, there is no sound. The player has two outputs, both have no playback.The battery charge was still high, after a couple of days, when the battery was discharged, I tried to turn on the player, it started playing, but I had to manipulate the restart buttons at startup, and it started playing, though not for about five minutes. Then again the crackling and freezing of the piece .