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Hello. I had tested with differents cables and with the 3.5mm cable that came. And as you say, I checked now if it’s properly plugged, same results. I ran more tests and found some interesting behaviors:

  • I got a RCA to 3.5mm cable and use it to connect the XP-2 Pro to an external DAC through the line-in, to use it as an amplifier. The XP-02 Pro is taking each RCA channel and pushing two both sides of the headphone. So I can watch videos (mono sound) with only one cable of the RCA pair connected. And listening to music, I can hear each recorded channel by unpluging one of the RCA cables.
  • Some user told me that the line-in port can act like a line-out too. So I did one more test turning the XP-2 Pro into USB DAC mode and connecting my headphones through the line-in port. As results, I checked that there is a separation through that port, but not completely. When I play a specific channel, it sounds in full volume on it, but in the other channel I still hear clearly the sound in half volume.

I checked all the functionalities of the unit. USB DAC mode, amplifier mode, bluetooth controls. Even the microphone is working, actually it is a really great microphone for a bluetooth device. But the “mono behavior” make it unpleasure to listening to music.