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I know here is the wrong place to ask but I am not good at this forum staff.. and feel really sad about losing my lovely xduoo05’s usb part..

I have a first version of xduoo 05 . a few months ago , while updating its firmware something strange happened and the usb section of my 05 is gone.. 🙁  ı am sure about using the right files but .. its gone..
ı wrote this problen on your twitter support account and the personel named Sam told me he will send a usb module for free if I could change it .. and still waiting for his cargo 🙂 its been 5 months and still waiting..
anyway.. all want to learn is, is there a soloution for an xduoo with a bricked usb ?
when I connected the device to pc, phone tablet or anything via usb nothing happens .. it still works great on aux and spdf inputs.. but no usb.. is there a recover file or something that I could do?
ı hope you could help me.. because I really love my xduoo.. and want it back ..
thanks by now..