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I recently purchased a XQ-50 Pro Bluetooth Receiver. I attempted to use both Coaxial or Toslink outputs without success. The analog outputs work fine. I’m using a iPad(iTunes) to connect to a Lexicon MC-1. Max digital input to the Lexicon MC-1 using the regular digital inputs is 48khz/24bits. The display on the XQ-50 Pro shows AAC 44.1khz/24bits. My thoughts are this should work, but it doesn’t. The Lexicon MC-1 also has a “Bypass Digital Input” with a max digital input of 96khz/24bits. I switched to this input using coaxial and was successful in getting a lock with audio out from the Lexicon MC-1. The display on the Lexicon MC-1 shows the digital output signal from the XQ-50 Pro Receiver is 88khz. My question is: shouldn’t the output of the XQ-50 Pro be 44.1khz/24bits? Is there a way to resolve this issue, firmware perhaps? Thank you.