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Hi, Addy

Yes, the display shows the true sampling rate, I think your DAC can’t support sampling rate more than 48khz.

If your phone is iphone, you don’t have to worry about this problem at all, because the Apple phone only transmits AAC format, and its sampling rate is 44.1Khz.

If your phone is andriod, there are SBC(44.1k-48KHZ), APTX(44.1k-48KHZ), APTX_L(44.1k-48KHZ)L, APTX_HD(44.1k-48KHZ), LDAC(44.1k-96khz), So, only LDAC has 96KHz sampling rate.

you can search the Bluetooth option in the developer options of the andriod phone and select the Bluetooth format, as shown below:

Or you can choose the sampling rate, choose 48Khz, as follows: