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Hi, so the Japanese drivers dont work, but when I try to use any software or drivers for xd05 like the “Xmos stereo driver” or the “firmware update” utility it doesnt detect any device. But somehow I am able to install the Xduoo software tool which lets me select the “buffer size” and enable or disable “safe mode”. When I view the software it says “ASIO IS NOT ACTIVE” I’ve tried many ASIO tools like ASIOtoWASAPI or KernelStreamingASIO or ASIO4ALL. None of them work, ASIO4ALL only detects WDM devices listed and will enable ASIO for the listed WDM device but perhaps the problem I am having is that the XDUOO XD05plus isnt verified signed drivers or has now microsoft windows drivers. theres a chance it maybe might work if i disable windows driver signing and force in older drivers for the XD05 maybe? is there some way to fix this and get proper WDM windows 10 drivers to allow for ASIO for every device and not just rely on Audio workstation software to use special drivers to force ASIO output regardless of the device that isnt hardware specific as thats less good and only usable within the one program? I just want to enable ASIO for every device for entire operating system at the driver level and use higher quality thesycon drivers while I’m at it. What steps can I take? Since the Xduoo XD05 doesnt get detected by any drivers/software I’m wondering if I bought online from overseas they maybe flashed some wrong firmware or virus and made it so it cant be updated? how can i test for this?