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The drivers in the link you provided work but are not as good and are less features.

The Thesycon drivers allow support for “midi” and “32bit float”

The drivers that you just linked to are i believe the Xcore USB driver for Xmos

see the difference in the following table here from xmos website:

With the XD05 I own I can got to burson audio website or any other number of Xmos DAC AMP manufacturers and download their Xmos thesycon driver and get a slightly better sound. However the latest purchase I made the XD05plus doesnt work with thesycon drivers. If I use the generic Xmos Xcore USB audio driver theres a small difference in sound and features as shown above on the xmos website. The website makes the thesycon drivers available too so the xduoo company should be aware of them and able to get it licensed and or working with it somehow.

Its maybe just a problem of the thesycon drivers not being made for the newer Xmos USB chip XU208 which maybe is a different model to the previous model of XD05. I need Xduoo to update the thesycon USB driver and Thesycon control panel probably.